Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 11

I look Friday off as a vacation day and Ollie and I went for a 5 km run in the morning, spotting a Cooper's Hawk by our house as well as a common goldeneye along the river.

We took the kids over to Climb 306 in the afternoon to practice our wall climbing. Unfortunately I just learned that the place has been sold and will be demolished in much for finding a close place for family fun!

Saturday we went sledding for the first time this year. While it was a bit cold, everyone had a good time with lots of fun and laughs.

Sunday was my long run day. I jogged with Ollie for 16 km (While I was pretty much spent, it didn't even seem to phase Ollie.) - which is the furthest I have ever run. I guess I'll be saying that a lot form now on as the weeks proceed towards the Saskatchewan Marathon. I made it in 2:02. Some people do a marathon in less than that time!!! Still having only started running just 11 weeks ago, I'm feeling OK about it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 10

On Friday at lunch, I ran 5 km as per the 'schedule'. I must be improving (or just needed to let off some stress from work!) as I ran the 5 km in 32 minutes - which is a record for me...normally it takes me about 35 or sometimes closer to 40 minutes - so needless to say I was impressed with myself! Sunday was a 10 km run as this was a 'taper' week. In the morning we took the kids to a winter bike parade, Ice Cycle 2010. Tim took some great photos which are posted on his bike blog. It was great to see so many people out on bikes on a chilly winter day! After the parade. I ran the 10 km on the treadmill in our basement as I'm still worrisome about running outside. I think as of next week however, no matter the weather, I'm going to attempt the 16 km run outside as the treadmill just seems so darn boring!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 9

Running-wise I slacked off a bit this weekend. According to the 'schedule' I was supposed to run 14.4 km on Sunday...I only walked about 10 km and jogged about 2 km. Friday evening to Sunday at 5 pm, I was at a yoga workshop so there wasn't much time for jogging! In addition to fundraising, marathon training, pottery and learning to wall climb, I am currently working towards becoming a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance through Kathleen's Yoga School! This past weekend we completed module 4 (yoga anatomy) as part of our 200 hour yoga training program.