Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brainsport Donates in Support of the CFFC!

Brainsport The Running Store has provided an incredibly generous $180 gift certificate towards the purchase of any Brainsport or Pedestrian shoes!!!

Brainsport has also donated a SIGG water bottle for the CF raffle.

The goal of Brainsport The Running Store is to make running a lifelong, enjoyable part of your life. They pride themselves in carrying quality running shoes, clothing, accessories and their staff ensure that your purchases are the right ones for you. Brainsport's staff are certified Shoe Fitters under New Balances Pro Care Fit Program. They listen as you describe what you are looking for in a show. They view your feet, your gait, and will help you find a shoe that will work properly and feel great.

Their sister store, PEDESTRIAN SHOE FITTING CENTRE is right next door to Brainsport. Check them out for casual shoes, sandals, hikers and more.

The two stores are located at 702 and 704 Broadway Avenue. Contact Brainsport at 306-244-0955 or email Contact the Pedestrian at 306-244-0957.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Puppets from Wide Open Support the CF Raffle!

Wide Open has generously donated a 2010-2011 family season pass ($128 value) to the fundraising raffle!! The season pass entitles two adults and two children to see all four puppet shows during their 2010-2011 season. Great fun!

Wide Open Theatrical Escapades is dedicated to performing entertaining shows for families. Created, written and performed in Saskatchewan for Saskatchewan people. They are processional actors dedicated to the craft of entertaining with an educational tilt. All of the puppets Wide Open performs with are designed and built by the company.

"Live from your imagination". For more information, you can contact Wide Open at or phone 306.683-9460.

Week 8

This is certainly the longest I have ever kept up with jogging. Now and then in the past I have tried but just never seemed to have the motivation. With this fundraising marathon as a goal, I'm now doing much better and really trying to keep to my 'schedule'. We've been so lucky this winter with not much snow and so far for all the longer Sunday runs I've been able to do them outside. No so this weekend!!! Saskatoon has definitely become a winter wonderland!

Being new to running and generally a fair weather adventurer, there was just too much snow yesterday for me to even contemplate trying to run outside! Even the buses weren't running.

Before Christmas I borrowed Tim's mom's treadmill to help with my training. Finally yesterday we got it all set up in the basement and the kids came downstairs to watch a video about dinosaurs while I went jogging!

I know how hamsters feel now running on those wheels! I stuck to it though and managed to run 13 km on the treadmill...realizing how much more fun it is to be outside....and also how long it is going to take me to run 42 km!'s a long way to go!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week 7

This week was a 'taper' week - where I still ran for 4 days (or did I miss a day??) but the distances were reduced compared to the past two weeks. On Sunday I jogged with Ollie out to the weir and back, dropped him off at home and then went downtown (boots still aren't on sale). What was disconcerting was that the 8 km this week seemed to take the same amount of time as the 10 km run I did the other week when going to the University and back! So I was either going way faster the other week, or way slower this week, or perhaps have no real idea about the distances that I think I am actually jogging. A friend has kindly let me borrow her GPS watch to try and sort things out and keep me on track - now I just have to figure out how to use it! Apparently this watch will even beep and let you know when you are running too slow! (I don't think I'll use that setting!)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week 6

This week ended with a run of about 12 km....I went to the University and back from our house with Ollie, dropped him off and then ran downtown to quickly check if the kid's boots were on sale yet at Sears (they weren't) and ran home which hopefully added another 2 km to the 10 I had run with my fuzzy black and white dog. I'm slow as molasses and that's probably the only reason why I managed it, but it felt pretty good! Still daunting to think in a couple weeks I need to do twice that much but somehow I'm feeling that between plodding and walking, I might just be able to do it. Once I've done the half marathon then perhaps the full marathon on May 30th will seem somehow plausible?? OK who am I kidding? I think I'm nuts sometimes but I've convinced myself I'm going to do it and I'm stubborn enough not to back out of it now! My biggest concern is if I injure myself training and am not able to complete the run. I hope by going slow and steady and following 'the schedule' that I should be alright. I'm just so darn tired and the training has only just begun!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Week 5 - Happy New Year!

This week I managed to keep "on track" or "on the trail" is maybe more appropriate...doing a couple 5 km jogs and then ~10 km on Sunday. It was a cold a frosty day but I managed to travel up to the weir and back from the boathouse (without letting go of Ollie this time!) and then added another 2 km at the end to round out the jog (OK plod...considering how slow I go, I don't think what I do can actually be called jogging!). Still it was motivating to think that I could plod that far! Although daunting to think I will have to go twice that far in two months for Brainsport's Brainfreeze and four times that distance for the actual marathon...I'm determined to do it!

Happy New Year everyone and thanks for all your support so far!