Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 11

I look Friday off as a vacation day and Ollie and I went for a 5 km run in the morning, spotting a Cooper's Hawk by our house as well as a common goldeneye along the river.

We took the kids over to Climb 306 in the afternoon to practice our wall climbing. Unfortunately I just learned that the place has been sold and will be demolished in much for finding a close place for family fun!

Saturday we went sledding for the first time this year. While it was a bit cold, everyone had a good time with lots of fun and laughs.

Sunday was my long run day. I jogged with Ollie for 16 km (While I was pretty much spent, it didn't even seem to phase Ollie.) - which is the furthest I have ever run. I guess I'll be saying that a lot form now on as the weeks proceed towards the Saskatchewan Marathon. I made it in 2:02. Some people do a marathon in less than that time!!! Still having only started running just 11 weeks ago, I'm feeling OK about it.

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