Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 10

On Friday at lunch, I ran 5 km as per the 'schedule'. I must be improving (or just needed to let off some stress from work!) as I ran the 5 km in 32 minutes - which is a record for me...normally it takes me about 35 or sometimes closer to 40 minutes - so needless to say I was impressed with myself! Sunday was a 10 km run as this was a 'taper' week. In the morning we took the kids to a winter bike parade, Ice Cycle 2010. Tim took some great photos which are posted on his bike blog. It was great to see so many people out on bikes on a chilly winter day! After the parade. I ran the 10 km on the treadmill in our basement as I'm still worrisome about running outside. I think as of next week however, no matter the weather, I'm going to attempt the 16 km run outside as the treadmill just seems so darn boring!

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