Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brainsport Donates in Support of the CFFC!

Brainsport The Running Store has provided an incredibly generous $180 gift certificate towards the purchase of any Brainsport or Pedestrian shoes!!!

Brainsport has also donated a SIGG water bottle for the CF raffle.

The goal of Brainsport The Running Store is to make running a lifelong, enjoyable part of your life. They pride themselves in carrying quality running shoes, clothing, accessories and their staff ensure that your purchases are the right ones for you. Brainsport's staff are certified Shoe Fitters under New Balances Pro Care Fit Program. They listen as you describe what you are looking for in a show. They view your feet, your gait, and will help you find a shoe that will work properly and feel great.

Their sister store, PEDESTRIAN SHOE FITTING CENTRE is right next door to Brainsport. Check them out for casual shoes, sandals, hikers and more.

The two stores are located at 702 and 704 Broadway Avenue. Contact Brainsport at 306-244-0955 or email Contact the Pedestrian at 306-244-0957.

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