Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 8

This is certainly the longest I have ever kept up with jogging. Now and then in the past I have tried but just never seemed to have the motivation. With this fundraising marathon as a goal, I'm now doing much better and really trying to keep to my 'schedule'. We've been so lucky this winter with not much snow and so far for all the longer Sunday runs I've been able to do them outside. No so this weekend!!! Saskatoon has definitely become a winter wonderland!

Being new to running and generally a fair weather adventurer, there was just too much snow yesterday for me to even contemplate trying to run outside! Even the buses weren't running.

Before Christmas I borrowed Tim's mom's treadmill to help with my training. Finally yesterday we got it all set up in the basement and the kids came downstairs to watch a video about dinosaurs while I went jogging!

I know how hamsters feel now running on those wheels! I stuck to it though and managed to run 13 km on the treadmill...realizing how much more fun it is to be outside....and also how long it is going to take me to run 42 km!'s a long way to go!

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