Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week 6

This week ended with a run of about 12 km....I went to the University and back from our house with Ollie, dropped him off and then ran downtown to quickly check if the kid's boots were on sale yet at Sears (they weren't) and ran home which hopefully added another 2 km to the 10 I had run with my fuzzy black and white dog. I'm slow as molasses and that's probably the only reason why I managed it, but it felt pretty good! Still daunting to think in a couple weeks I need to do twice that much but somehow I'm feeling that between plodding and walking, I might just be able to do it. Once I've done the half marathon then perhaps the full marathon on May 30th will seem somehow plausible?? OK who am I kidding? I think I'm nuts sometimes but I've convinced myself I'm going to do it and I'm stubborn enough not to back out of it now! My biggest concern is if I injure myself training and am not able to complete the run. I hope by going slow and steady and following 'the schedule' that I should be alright. I'm just so darn tired and the training has only just begun!

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