Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 13 - Saskatchewan Marathon - rain or shine!

My leg has been feeling much better and I've started some walk/jogging. On Sunday I managed a 5 km walk/jog with Ollie, went to a yoga class and then rode a bike in the basement (mag trainer) for close to an hour while Keira watched a movie. I'm certainly sore today after nearly two weeks of inactivity - but at least my injured leg seems pretty much pain-free. The big news for the week is that I have gone ahead and registered for the 2010 Saskatchewan Marathon! So now, no matter if I end up jogging, walking or crawling...I'm going to get across that finish line. I'm hoping there will be at least 3 smiling faces waiting for me at the end - shouting "Go mommy!" - even if everyone else has gone home by the time I finish.

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