Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 15 - Half Way There!

This morning I walk/jogged for 21.1 km! After the first 4 km returned home for a change of clothes (I was way too is almost spring after all!) and change of backpack for carrying water. I stopped the timer for the minutes spent indoors and started it up again once we were out again. Ollie has been passed out for much of the afternoon and I wonder if he's feeling as sore as I am and how we will feel tomorrow? It's funny now how I can look at the schedule and seeing that next weekend is a 10 km run, think "What a relief. That will be an easy run."...when just a couple months back the idea of even 10 km was daunting. The full marathon is still pretty daunting to me (especially with my foot giving me grief today after a half marathon) but I'm still feeling positive about finishing it. As I was lying on the bed this morning before the run, not feeling too motivated to get going, Finnegan said to me, "You better get out there and practice if you want to win the marathon!". Indeed, I've got quite a lot of practice still ahead of me!

Tired doggy.

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